History of Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel, a prominent name in the vaping industry known for their high-quality vaporizers, has a rich history that dates back to the late 1990s. Here is a detailed account of their journey, from their early beginnings to their current status as a leading innovator in the field of vaporizer technology:

1996-2000: Inception and Volcano Release

Markus Storz, a graphic designer, embarked on the development of herbal vaporizers in 1996. After four years of extensive research and design, he introduced the groundbreaking Volcano vaporizer to the market in 2000. The Volcano, featuring a sleek design and detachable balloon, quickly gained attention for its innovative technology and became a symbol of the new millennium.

2002: Jürgen Bickel’s Involvement

In 2002, Jürgen Bickel joined the company as a business partner, leading to the formation of Storz & Bickel GmbH & Co. KG.

2003-2005: Expansion to the United States

With a growing demand for their products, Storz & Bickel targeted the American market in 2003 with the release of the 110V version of the Volcano. By 2005, they established operations in Oakland, California, solidifying their presence in the United States.

2007: Volcano Digit Release

In 2007, Storz & Bickel unveiled the Volcano Digit, their first digitally-controlled vaporizer, showcasing their commitment to innovation and advancement in the industry.

2008: Launch of the Plenty Vaporizer

The company continued to push the boundaries of vaporizer technology with the release of the Plenty vaporizer in 2008. Notably, the Plenty vaporizer integrated air and radiation heat, allowing for the efficient heating of a significant amount of blend at once.

2009: Certification as Medical Vaporizer Manufacturers

In 2009, Storz & Bickel achieved certification as official manufacturers of medical vaporizers, reflecting their dedication to safety and quality. They subsequently launched the Volcano Medic, the world’s first certified medical herbal vaporizer, although it remains unavailable in the United States.

2014: Crafty and Mighty Handheld Vape Release

Expanding their product line, Storz & Bickel introduced the Crafty and Mighty handheld vapes in 2014. These vaporizers, renowned for their powerful performance and German engineering, have since maintained their status as top battery-operated herbal vaporizers in the market.

2016: Establishment of the First Medical Herbal Vaporizer Factory

In 2016, Storz & Bickel set a new standard for the industry by building the world’s first medical herbal vaporizer factory in Tuttlingen, Germany. This initiative underscored the company’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to advancing vaporizer technology.

Today, Storz & Bickel continues to lead the way in the field of vaporizer innovation, with a focus on pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

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