The Power of Knowing: How CBD Sourcing Impacts Your Cannabis Experience

In our modern consumer culture, being aware of the origins of the products we use is often overlooked. Few of us ponder the source of our favorite French fries or the manufacturing process behind our preferred clothing. However, CBD is one product whose source should not be overlooked. In this discussion, we delve into the reasons why understanding the source of your CBD is crucial.

The Origin of CBD: A Closer Look

While it is commonly known that CBD is derived from cannabis, the intricacies go beyond this simple understanding. Not all cannabis is created equal. It’s important to note that CBD can be sourced from two distinct types of cannabis: hemp or marijuana. Familiarizing yourself with the source of your CBD becomes significant in this context.

Deciphering Hemp vs. Marijuana

Although some may argue that cannabis is cannabis, the reality is more nuanced. Hemp and marijuana are cultivated with specific outcomes in mind, leading to notable differences in their composition. Generally, marijuana is cultivated for its high THC content, while hemp is grown to contain minimal THC and higher levels of CBD.

The Implications of Sourcing

Consider a scenario where you come across a CBD-based lotion at a local grocery store. It is essential to understand that the CBD in such products is derived from hemp, which is why it is legally available for sale. Hemp-derived CBD poses minimal risks of containing THC and typically does not show up on drug tests unless used excessively. Conversely, CBD sourced from marijuana, which is more common in dispensaries, often contains a significant percentage of THC.

In Conclusion

Being aware of the source of your CBD is vital for making informed choices about what you introduce into your body. While some may be indifferent to the distinction, the psychotropic effects of THC and legal implications underscore the importance of understanding the source. Despite the source, CBD remains a beneficial addition to your routine. It’s crucial to ensure that you are well-informed about your CBD product to make informed decisions during your purchase.

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